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The Pavilion at Mixon Farms wants to make your wedding day as beautiful and enjoyable as possible. We’ve created this helpful wedding day checklist to help you remember what you may forget on your wedding day.

  1. Pass your schedule to every one in the wedding party

  2. Prepare all your attire: the dress, the undergarments, the make-up, the jewelry, the wedding shoes, the hair pieces. Start from top to bottom and review everything you will be wearing that day.
  3. Shoes: You have picked out gorgeous wedding shoes but they may hurt at the end of the night and ruin your evening. Make sure you break them in or just buy another pair of comfortable shoes for at the end of the night.
  4. Make sure you have a list of all the flowers you have ordered. Try to order flowers that are in season or stay fresh. Flowers are such an important part of your special day and you do not want them to look wilted on your big day.
  5. Check and review all your music with the DJ: What are you playing for the ceremony? What are you playing for the grand entrance? What do you want played during the dinner and through out your wedding day? What music will be played for your special dance?
  6. Don’t forget the license. Right after the ceremony, you and your fiancé, the officiant, and 2 witnesses will have to sign your marriage documents making them legal.
  7. List of photos: Hopefully you and your photographer have discussed the pictures you want taken. Remember to write down a list of all the people you want pictures of. Write down this list for the photographer and take your pictures after the ceremony, so you will have the wedding day pictures you desire for keepsakes.
  8. Speeches: Make sure everyone that is giving speeches have time to prepare and know when they will be speaking. The bride and groom may give a thank you speech and you should know who and when will be speaking. Decide with the DJ if a wireless microphone is being used and if not, where to stand.
  9. Toasts & Cake Cutting: The venue or caterer may provide you with cake cutting utensils and champagne glasses, you may want your own set for remembrance. You may want to purchase your own toast glasses and bring them out each year for your anniversary. Decide before the cake cutting if you are going to smudge cake on each other’s face. Make sure you have the tools you need for this fantastic ritual.