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The cost of a wedding in the 21st century can be quite different from when your parents or grandparents had to plan for theirs. One of the biggest debates is, who pays for what? Traditionally, certain types of expenses were divided between HIS & HERS families. This was also possible, because the cost of a wedding was much different. According to an article by Quartz, the average wedding cost in today’s dollars, during the depression-era, was $6,481 versus $29,858 today. So, how do you do it in the 21st century, when so many couples are taking on majority of the financial burden? We’ve broken it down for you, so grab your pen and paper and follow along to make your list go smooth!


Bride or her family:

  • Wedding dress including accessories and alterations
  • Ceremony location such as church, venue and anything concerning the ceremony; for example organist, harpist &  programs
  • Flowers for the ceremony location, archway and also the bouquets & corsages for the bridesmaids
  • Reception is also on the plate of the brides family unless it’s the same location, then it is split equally between both sides. The bride’s family is also responsible for the additional items that go along with the reception, décor, catering and photography
  • His wedding band
  • Save the Dates & Invitations

Groom or his family:

  • Brides Engagement & Wedding Band set, unless passing down from family heirloom
  • Bride’s Bouquet, wrist corsage or flowers for mothers and grandmothers on both sides, all boutonnieres for the groomsman, fathers and grandfathers
  • Engagement party & Rehearsal Party including planning and hosting
  • Music or DJ for the reception
  • Honeymoon


  • Maid of Honor along with Bridal Party hosts, plan & pay for the Bridal Shower
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Attire for the wedding; dress, shoes, hair & makeup


  • Best Man & Host, plan & pay for Bachelor Party
  • Wedding day attire rental or purchase and any extra grooming

Bride & Groom:

  • Gifts for the Bridal Party, Parents
  • Tips for any of the professional services, bar, catering, florist, DJ


Now, all of the above is interchangeable and many couples sit down and make a list of their desires to help balance the budget. For instance, if the food is more important to one of you than the photography, swap those items out. Knowing what your “MUST HAVES” & “WOULD LIKES”, are is a huge to recognize early on in the planning process. Keep in mind, your wedding date, and divide the total cost throughout the months leading up. If you are solely in charge of paying for your wedding, then be sure to plan out far enough to allow yourselves time to pay for it to make your planning less stressful. All in all, it’s about making it YOUR day, not doing it for others. Happy Planning!!!


Pink Hugs!
~ The Dream Team