Vintage charm with a Southern Twist...

Welcome to our first blog post on our new site! This post was written by Brandy Harlan, Director of Marketing & Wedding Coordinator for The Pavilion at Mixon Farms. Brandy has over 12 years experience in the event industry, as well as double marketing degrees. She credits God for all her ideas that never seem to run dry, and she loves her role with the Mixon family business, where she feels right at home. Dive in and see what Brandy has to say as she introduces all the new, fun and exciting things going on at The Pavilion!

“WOW, what a start for 2017 has been for us at The Pavilion at Mixon Farms! Some things you may have noticed are our: NEW name, NEW logo and lots of NEW social media presence! Well, since launching our amazing on-site lodging and intimate wedding venue, the Farmhouse Inn, back in August, it has truly inspired us to seek what we really want to offer our couples. After many years of growth in the wedding department at Mixon’s, humbly coming from 10 weddings a year to now over 80, a vision of where we are headed is crystal clear! Where do we even begin? Our NEW NAME!!!

Why the change? Honestly, it was during a spur of the moment brainstorm session Sheri and I were having at the office one day. We literally both blurted out, “The Pavilion,” after talking a bit about a new name. We wanted something stately, something southern but that screamed wedding at the same time. We began channeling our inner “Joanna Gaines” and we both loved the “magnolia” flower, how delicate and simple but feminine it was. So, after playing with some fonts, we sent the idea over to our amazing website designers at Sande Caplin & Associates. They came back with what you now know as our new logo. What’s even a little icing on the cake, through email communication, Sande thought we were calling the “font” we wanted “magnolia” and there just so happened to be a font named exactly that, and it worked perfectly. So there you have it, the BIRTH of a new NAME.

After the name, came some more fun new changes! We added some more lovely staff members! Sheri Gooby, the Director of Weddings, refers to the group as the “DREAMTEAM” and aptly so. We do just that, make wedding dreams a reality! After bringing on a staff of new planners that have a combined 30 years of event experience, plus a marketing director, and combining that formula with what Sheri had already built; a new vision was born. Many days in the office having pow-wow sessions brings about new ideas, thoughts and energy that are sending this venue into 2017 with a bang!

Dream Team from left to right: Sheri Gooby, Director of Weddings & Wedding Coordinator;  Brandy Harlan, Director of Marketing & Wedding Coordinator; Lindsay Fisher, Wedding Coordinator; Kaliah Muck, Hospitality Coordinator; Jen Aaron, Wedding Coordinator; Photo Credit: Jessica Overholt Photography

In addition to the staff and branding upgrades, we’re excited to offer more rental upgrades for our couples to choose from, keeping that vintage feel. Rentals, such as; window panes, vintage furniture, mercury glass votives and even a vintage typewriter, are now unique touches that can be part of a couple’s special day. We’ve heard so many times, that many couples spend countless hours searching for the little touches and wished they could just rent them, and now they can. The blank slate of The Pavilion reception area covered in those amazing twinkle lights, lets couples design their day as elaborate or as simple as they would like.


So you see, we aren’t just an orange grove with AMAZING juice and orange swirl ice cream. We are a unique, one-of-a kind, venue that truly gives our couples every option. There’s never a wedding that’s the same. Just like every bride is different and special, every wedding day is as well. We welcome you on this journey with us as we work hard to maintain our “Bradenton’s Best Kept Secret” moniker; we’ve just added a little southern charm with a twist. Come see what all the buzz is about from the Farm House Inn, to The Pavilion, we know you’ll fall in love all over again, in the garden where love blossoms!”


~ Pink Hugs! Brandy

We hope that you enjoyed our first blog post!! Stay connected to us on our social media pages for the next exciting topics, “To Self-Cater or Not”, “Why Hire A Planner”, “DIY Done Right” & “Favor{ed}- Gifts Your Guests Will Want & Love”!