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It goes without saying how important keeping your guests happy at your wedding is. We at the Pavilion know that YOU are the most important part of the day as the bride and groom, however, guest’s enjoyment from the dancing to the food and drinks, really makes the night a success as well. We get asked ALL the time, “What kind of spirits and how much do I need to stock to have a great bar for the wedding”? We are happy to share with you, the do’s, don’ts and ALWAYS for stocking your bar perfectly!!

First thing to consider is the TYPE of guests you have coming. Think of guest list. How many guests are coming?  What percentage are drinkers, beer vs. wine vs. cocktails? Are there more seasoned guests or younger crowd? Are they heaving drinking vs. light drinking crowd? Do they prefer IPA’s and martini’s or a beer is a beer is a beer? Once you determine that you are half way there!  Keep that in mind as you decide the following.

What TYPE of bar do you choose?  Beer and wine only?  Beer , wine and cocktails? Or maybe beer, wine and specialty drinks? Yes, we know SO MANY OPTIONS. So how do you decide? Refer to the above and also your budget. There are many ways like shopping at big box warehouses and large retailers that allow you to return unopened and non-chilled product and also offer a large selection at great prices. Also, consider an open bar, it’s easier, you can control consumption and most people don’t carry cash.

What TYPE of drinks do want to serve? At the Pavilion at Mixon Farms, we give you 1 box of complimentary Mixon Select wine when you book with us within a week of your tour. That is a savings of $180! WOW! Right!  In that you get 12 bottles and you get to pick your wine flavors, so be sure to do the free wine sampling in our café! (you’re welcome!) Here is how the amounts break down so you can better decide quantity of what to have for your guests.

Half Barrel Keg (full keg) = approx. 120 16oz cups of beer
Quarter Barrel (pony keg) = approx. 60 160z cups of beer
Wine = on average 5-5oz glasses in 1 bottle of wine, according to
Liquor = standard 750ml bottle = 16 drinks using 1.5oz per drink

Next, to serve Liquor, Do or Don’t? Again refer to the first point!  Should you choose to do liquor one of the biggest things we find, is the type being brought doesn’t match the mixers. So, we created an add-on, only available at The Pavilion, of all your mixers. We stock all your soda, juices and garnishes. Guests will also make their own concoction with mixers too so it’s best to over plan. Don’t forget the return policy on unopened bottles!

Also, are you offering a signature drink? !  A fun way to serve liquor at your wedding without all the extra hassle, is to do signature drinks! Feature them to match you and your fiancé’s personality or your favorite cocktail. Also keep in mind that signature drinks tend to be the most ordered so you’ll want to double stock because everyone will want one! We love signature drinks, as you can see from a recent wedding here, the bride and groom got super creative! Serving the signature ONLY at cocktail can cut the costs if the ingredients tend to run high for the type of drink you are serving. Keep in mind, how the bartenders will handle the rush of the bar PLUS a couple of signature drinks, so if possible, keep it simple but refreshing OR have some items premade if possible if it doesn’t change the drink look or taste. We are really loving the twist on Pina Colada’s, especially since we do only mixed drinks, this Cîroc Colada sounds amazing!!! If you offer the signature throughout the evening, be sure to provide enough ingredients to last the whole 5 hour event.

IPA’s vs Domestic & Imports?? The new trends in beer are being seen here at the Pavilion, from Growlers being part of centerpieces, to couples bringing in their own beer in them of a special bath beer they made especially for their big day. Whether you prefer, light, or dark, IPA or Domestic, keep in mind your guests as well. We suggest picking a beer that you like, and then also choosing a brand that everyone can enjoy and throw in a pony sized IPA to help people expand their beer palates!

Bar PLUS VISUAL = GREAT IDEA! Last but not least, featuring your bar is really fun way to make sure that your guests get a special experience. Anyone can walk up to a bar and order a drink, however only here at The Pavilion can they walk up to vintage whiskey barrel bar, under twinkling lights, with a waterfall backdrop! So, even if you don’t shake up your drinks game, you can with the right décor rental items!!

At the end of the night and your wedding, your goal is to have fun and enjoy every moment… so don’t sweat the small stuff. We hope that you can hang your hat on a few of the above pointers, ask us any questions you may have and we will be happy talk you through the bar process!! We are so excited to see how your bar gets ROCKED out like a BOSS!!


~ The Dream Team