Vintage charm with a Southern Twist...



Jen as we call her, is a rarity in the area, because she is born and raised in Bradenton Florida, not far from Mixon to be exact. Jen who is married and has 4 children, comes to Mixon having over 16 years of wedding experience, but was born with an eye for décor and design.

Jen’s background in graphic design and production management makes her super helpful when it comes to visualizing and making it work logistically. Her favorite wedding “trend” is décor done all the way. She loves helping brides bring their décor to the next level, even inexpensively, but carrying it all the way through the entire event in a way that is not over done.

At Mixon, we call her the Bow Whisperer, because her bows are ALWAYS perfect and uniform! As a hopeless romantic Jen’s favorite movie is “The Notebook”, and quote “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.” When you visit on a weekend you can catch Jen coordinating, creating, and decorating with a big smile!


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