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Having a wedding planner is a MUST! As a bride, you start your wedding planning journey with lots of ideas and things to check off your list. Having someone take all that and make it your dream wedding come true, is exactly what we do at The Pavilion. We know that as the big day gets closer, having someone execute your décor, your timeline, rehearsal, check in your vendors, and make sure the day runs smooth, is something all brides want. All too often, couples rely on family to execute their dream day, which keeps them from truly enjoying it and causes much stress for those taking on this huge responsibility. That’s where our DREAM TEAM of Event Planners comes into play. We WANT your day to be exactly what you WANT it to be. We also know that the day goes by so fast, so why spend it being “on duty”, rather than being the new married couple? With our “Limited’ and an “Ultimate” coordinator packages, we are able to give you those helping hands that every bride needs. We handle everything; from decorating, day of schedule, communication with vendors, to cake cutting, and of course making sure your glass is always full and everyone is smiling all night. The Event Planners at Mixon Farms cherish every wedding and treat the wedding day with love and attention to detail. Don’t believe we’re the DREAM TEAM? Just check out some of our reviews and see which package will best suit your dream wedding come true!


We highly recommend one of these services, as it takes a lot of stress off  the bride.

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Let Mixon’s Do It All. This is for the bride that does not want her family and friends working on her special day. No need for your wedding party to help us set up. We meet with you 2-3 weeks prior to your special day and go through what you have for décor, with pictures, instructions, etc., to ensure we know what you envision. You bring us everything and we take care and time in setting it all up for you, so all you need to do, is a be the Bride that day. Give us your vendors with instructions and we coordinate with them to make sure all deliverables are correct. Our Head Coordinator, with an assistant coordinator, will take care of you. This package includes everything in our limited package as well as the items below:

  • Any draping of Gazebo with provided tulle, sheers, décor. We ask that all large floral items be hung by Florist.
  • Place card, Seating Chart, Menu, Table numbers, Favors and Program placement.
  • Centerpiece setup (please ensure that all parts to centerpieces are clean, labels removed, batteries installed, and ready to be assembled with photos provided).
  • Coordinator team will hang décor where specified, but not over 7ft.
  • Coordinator team will help move chairs to reception, if necessary.
  • Decorate aisle way; with tulle, rose petals or aisle runners.
  • Place all linens on dinner tables, auxiliary tables, high-top tables for cocktail hour.
  • Decorate bar area with provided décor.
  • Direct guests to cocktail hour area.
  • Assist bridal party and photographer; post ceremony, with ensuring as much privacy for photos as possible.
  • Will assist, if necessary, catering to place plates and flatware on tables will be placed.
  • Assist with securing wedding gifts, cards, etc. with contact person in their vehicle for safety.
  • Coordinate send off with guests (i.e.; Sparklers, glow sticks, rose petals).
  • Coordinating Team will help clean trash off tables, pull used linens off tables, help box up all décor and place in the charge of the individual taking all décor items.
  • We will ensure that all clean-up in done in a timely manner, to make sure departure time is on schedule.
  • Coordinator Team will be there for you through the whole day and evening to assist in anything you need. They will take a 45-minute break once all décor is set and everything is in place, but will provide a cell phone number for Director of Coordinating team.
  • A meeting will be scheduled to go over timeline, décor and instructions. We will make sure all duties are done without your assistance.
    We will make sure all clean-up is done and you just leave at departure time.

*The property is open to the public until one hour before the wedding begins.
* Please have your catering assist in all food service duties (cake cutting, serving, clearing plates, moving chairs, folding napkins, refilling ice for soda bar, etc.)
* All items will be placed in boxes neatly but will not be washed and cleaned due to time restrictions. We will leave centerpieces and décor intact and place in large boxes; as time does not permit to take things apart for larger parties with large amount of décor. We may do this for you for an extra cleaning fee of $200 and you may pick up the next day.
*Any high hanging décor or hanging florals please have someone in place to do this, we do not hang high or heavy items or have ladders over 7feet.
The height of ceiling of pavilion is 20 feet at the peak.


The limited package offers a sense of reassurance that your day’s timeline is in great hands.
It allows family to take part in your day with setting up décor, florals, and putting their special touch into it. Included in this package:

  • Pre-event meeting with Bride and Groom 2 weeks’ prior for final meeting.
  • Conduct Rehearsal with Bridal party to ensure everyone knows how and where to line up, and also provide tips for the bridal party to make them comfortable doing so. Rehearsal is 1 hour
  • Ensure table layout, ceremony chairs are correct. This package does not include decorating.
  • Coordinator on property during your event time the day of your wedding to help your day run seamlessly.
  • Coordinator is a helping hand; in that she will help keep things coordinated and be of assistance to you.
  • Coordinator will check deliveries of cakes, DJ, florals, linens on Mixon property and sign for them. Coordinator does not call and confirm ahead of time, this is the responsibility of client. Prior Confirmations & Final designs need to be provided for Coordinator to ensure items are correct.
  • Greet, direct & assist guests to designed areas throughout the event; bar, ceremony location, restrooms, etc.
  • Work with your DJ to assist in lining up bridal party for ceremony, reception introductions, order of events, toasts, cake cutting, departure etc. She will also follow the timeline and communicate with DJ any time delays, changes in schedule etc. vice versa.
  • You must have a contact person. The coordinator will work with the contact person throughout the wedding day and evening to go over any questions.
  • Coordinator will assist in checking off all areas with contact person to ensure everything is in order per Mixon requirements however she is not solely responsible for clean-up, please have a team in place to do so. The coordinator will assist in closing out at the end of the night and help your team with boxing up of any rentals or things needed to be brought home.
  • Ultimately, she is your right hand to make sure things go as planned. Coordinator is not in charge of making final decisions but will, depending on situation. Coordinator will touch base with your contact person to make the best decision in cases of major delays, or any other major issue that can’t be settled otherwise.
  • No decorating is included in this package.

    On Wedding Day, The Coordinator will meet with a contact person at 9am, open up the bridal rooms and the kitchen for your set up team. She will be on site for approx. 2 hours to assist your set up. Coordinator will then be available via cell phone, if for some reason the client needs to be in touch. The coordinator returns 2 hours before wedding to check in vendors and assist in any last minute details.

    *This package does not include: Decorating, Contacting vendors ahead of time, planning, vendor meetings AND clean-up is ultimately the responsibility of the wedding party, so there must be a plan and a go-to person in place, as we do not make decisions for the wedding. The Coordinator will ask the “contact” person before making any decisions on the wedding.
    *With this package, we only assist and will not be held responsible for any décor not done correctly or the wedding party not departing the facility at the time the contract states.
    *The property is open to the public until one hour before the wedding begins.
    * Please have your catering assist in all food service duties (cake cutting, serving, clearing dishes, moving chairs, folding napkins, refilling ice, etc.)
    *All zip ties, wire, ribbon, tape, has to be brought by client and removed as well as all décor at end of the night.
    *If the wedding party stays after the time of departure, they will be charged a fee of $50 every 15 minutes.
    Please have a plan of departure and people in charge of your belongings.