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It’s the final countdown, the week of your wedding, brides. You can see the aisle at the end of the tunnel! Things may start to pile up on your “TO DO” list this week, just when you thought you’d handled it all. Stress may start to creep up when the little things show up; from guests arriving, wanting to spend time with you, to finishing projects at the office. We know all too well it can be a busy week, but here are a few things of “MUST DO’s”, to help clear up any anxiety the week of your wedding.

Have a meeting with your planner


Getting together with the one person that can handle all your stress seamlessly, can be the easiest & fastest way to clear your mind. Release all the things that are tiring you mentally and causing those dark eye circles, to them. This is the time you give them any late RSVP’s, marriage license, tip envelopes for vendors, and vent if need be! Assigning tasks, such as, who will be handling the collection of the gifts, any final payments that need to be doled out, and who’s on décor duty, will help your planner organize the night, as well as give you the freedom to know it’s all being handled. The last thing you want to do, is have all these type of questions from multiple people, as you are saying your final goodbyes at send-off. Can’t seem to let control of it all just yet? NOW is the time, you are officially off “planner-duty”. Time to enjoy the work you’ve put into planning your special day!


Have some quiet unplugged time with your Fiancé


Now that you’ve freed up your time, and as family starts to fill every minute of your day the week of your wedding, stealing away for alone time can be difficult to do, but very important just the same. It’s going to be one of the last undivided attention moments you will have with each other, before your walk down the aisle. Take advantage of a night out to dinner, have an extra glass of wine, stroll the park afterwards and just reflect on your engagement. Remind each other that the big day is all about the two of you, your love and whatever may not go exactly perfect, isn’t a reflection on your future. Expect something to not go as planned but vow to not sweat it and support each other through the bumps that may come with a wedding day. Truly take in this time together and be sure to keep it as “unplugged” time. Social media doesn’t need to know what was for dinner and everything you discuss. It’s just YOU & HIM, enjoy every second!


Pamper Yourself!


Yes, we said it & don’t feel guilty about it either. You’ve been planning, dreaming, organizing and now it’s timeout for you! You only get this time once as a bride, so do it up! Book your appointment well in advance and plan a solo spa day. Visit your favorite local massage therapist, get a steam facial, brows touched up, massage and don’t shy away from getting honeymoon beach ready with a wax. You’ll be thankful in the end, that you took some time alone to pamper yourself, de-stress so you are invigorated for your week. Be sure to also stay hydrated as the week can bring lots of errand running. Try to get to bed a little earlier this week, your body will thank you when you are as fresh as a daisy the morning of your wedding.


Treat Your Bridal Squad


It’s mani-pedi time! The most coveted time a girl can spend with her closest friends, is getting toes and nails ready for all those pictures of your hands; with your new wedding band hardware & bridal bouquet. Make a day of it! Invite your mother and soon to be “mother-in-love” to enjoy the day with you, as you all coordinate your colors and designs. Ask the shop if champagne and small fruit and cheese platters are allowed and bring them along. You’ll want to take lots of pictures of all the fun, and now is the time to invade social media with some pre-wedding festivities as the excitement starts to build. We do recommend not doing this the morning of the wedding, but, it’s great pre-rehearsal fun! Just be sure you allow time, to arrive on time, for practicing your much anticipated walk towards your groom.


Dress Rehearsal


Now that you’ve been eating a little healthier, minus dinner out with your future husband, and staying hydrated, it’s time to put it all together. Strap on the shoes that you’ve been breaking in secretly while your fiancé was away. Collect and organize all your carefully chosen undergarments and jewelry accessories. Now the final piece, your dream wedding dress! Put it all on as a whole with your maid of honor, so she can practice lacing, buttoning and bustling all that gorgeousness. Stand in a full length mirror and get an “almost” full picture of the finished look. Now is the time to see if that extra bracelet is necessary, or if the extra figure shaping corset is needed, since you’ve been so good with your workout regimen. You may surprise yourself at how great everything fits and comes together. Once you’ve checked everything out, be sure to keep your dress in its bag so it does not get wrinkled. Keep in mind, to keep those bridal party dresses wrinkle-free too. Now is also the time to pack your honeymoon bag and also an “after-party” dress, in case the night turns into extra hours out after the reception.


Ahhhh…. Congratulations! You’ve made it to the final day before you gracefully take your walk down the perfectly decorated aisle and profess your love amongst your closest family and friends. Inhale and exhale, smile big and enjoy every second of it, because in a blink of an eye, you’ll be a MRS. and off on your honeymoon adventure. We hope this list gives you some relief and helps you relax. Don’t sweat the small stuff this week and we will see your on wedding day.


~Pink Hugs, The Pavilion at Mixon Farms


This blog was written by The Pavilion at Mixon Farms Coordinator, Brandy Harlan; Editing by Jennifer Aaron & Lindsay Fisher, both Mixon Coordinators.