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We posted a blog about “5 Things All Brides Should Do The Week of Their Wedding” and so we thought it was only appropriate that the guys’ get their own list of what to do. So guys, here is your list of things TO DO & NOT TO DO the week of your wedding:

DO try on your suit! It’s one of the things that will set you apart from everyone else. If you have a specific fun style, be sure to try that suit on, make sure when you sit, reach and bend that it feels good and you feel comfortable. Also be sure to try on the shoes with it; kind of like a dress rehearsal. Put everything together in one place so when the craziness of the day and packing happens you are all set.

DON’T get a fresh shaving of your head on the day before or morning of. If you are prone to having shorter shaved hair, get it done a few days in advance to give your scalp time to tan if you are outside guy. You definitely DON’T want to have a light scalp showing through with a bronze toned face and neck. DO however get a clean cut or trim haircut the day before or morning of and BOOK your appointment in advance, you don’t want to walk in a have to wait a long period time which could throw off arriving to the venue a later than planned time.

DO have fun with the guys the morning of it time permits. An early game of golf, beach volleyball or a good run or workout. It’s always good to do something other than sit around and watch the clock so be sure to have something planned to get out, burn off some steam and wedding day jitters.

DON’T drink too much at the rehearsal dinner! Do stay hydrated. Along with all the getting ready and the excitement of the big day, it can be a very draining day because of the extra energy use due to nervousness, mental thoughts of running through things in your head on where to stand, when to walk and do I have everything. Even if you consume no alcohol the night or morning of the big day, staying hydrated is super important so that you can dance into the night later!

DO send a little gift to your bride to be! Make it something personal, maybe an inside joke with a note. Have a groomsman deliver it to her while she is getting ready and be sure to have someone there to take photos if the photographers haven’t arrived yet!

DON’T make any major changes to plans the week of the wedding! Nothing could make a bride and a planner more nervous than changing something such as adding to the ceremony, changing a timeline, or getting a tattoo!! Yes, that’s happened! The least amount of changes that you make or can control the week of the wedding makes everything run smooth because there is bound to be someone that didn’t get the memo. Certain circumstances can’t be avoided but most can so tread lightly the week of the wedding!

DO spend some quite time with just the two of you the week of the wedding. Plan a day to be alone, a simple day. Maybe go to the beach for dinner, stroll through the park, take in a movie and dinner, or just veg out at home, no phones with take out. Whatever it is, do it and be present in the moment because once family and friends start to arrive, you won’t have a moment alone to just be.

DON’T forget to check all your itineraries, passports, lodging and details for the honeymoon the week before the “I DO”! Be sure nothing has changed in your accommodations, flights, and double check that you are packed everything in seperate suitcases from wedding day items. Mark the luggage with a Mr & Mrs tag or bow to designate, HONEYMOON only. Also be sure to check prescriptions prior as well so you dont’ have an issues running out while out of town.

DO ENJOY every moment, no matter how crazy and hectic it may be, ENJOY! Take everything in and know that no wedding ever goes perfectly however at the end of the beautiful day, you have each other and you’re married! Take time to really look at each other the night of the wedding, and admire her in the moment so you can save it reflect back on.

DON’T sweat the small stuff. and see the above DO!

We hope you enjoy this blog, if so we would love that you share it!

~The Dream Team